Scientific Computing

We founded AE because we love solving complex problems by using the full potential of modern soft- and hardware.
Do you need more than just programmers? Do you need people who understand the mathematics and physics behind your problem? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Large scale combinatorics, discrete and continuous optimization, finite element simulations – Scientific computing is our game. That's why we develop algorithms for ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, one of the world's leading companies in the field of industrial plant building and maintenance, to maximize the efficiency and output of their facilities.


We develop software that identifies the optimal parameters for your specific problem.


Predict the results of your complex processes by simulating them with our highly accurate customized FEM solutions.


We create tools that allow you to make optimal decisions based on huge data sets, even under complex circumstances.

Dynamic Webapplications

If you're planning to develop your own web application you should prepare yourself to be confronted with literally thousands of questions on many different topics before it goes online:

  • How can you implement your graphic designs?
  • Which database should you use?
  • What does your domain model look like?
  • Does your website perform well even under heavy load?
The good news is, we know the answers to your questions. Better yet, we can build the whole application for you so you don't even need to ask them. Therefore we were hired to build the entire webapplication for Snyga, one of the most innovative startup projects of 2014.


A successful application needs a solid data backend. We help you to choose, set up and maintain one that perfectly fits your needs.


We create beautiful, intuitive and responsive user interfaces based on the newest HTML and CSS standards.


Take advantage of one of the most powerful frameworks to create fast, scalable and customizable web applications.